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Zhangjiagang city Filltech beverage Machinery Co.,LTD is located in the birth place of filling machine, which is created with several year’s factory experience. Our machines are sold to cities in China and our market also covers many other countries in Europe, Africa , the Americas, Oceania, the Middle East, Asia, etc. To protect the company’s reputati…

Our Machines

Water Filling Machine
Juice Filling Machine
CSD Filling Machine
Other Filling Machine
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IF you prefer a standardized solution or an individual solution, come and talk to us. FILLTECH will be happy to help! Whatever drink you want to fill – water, beer, soft drinks, spirits, sparkling wine or wine, coffee or tea, still or with CO2, hot or cold – we will find the right solution for you. You can also use any containers you like; from PET bottles and glass bottles to cans to kegs, we have the systems expertise to meet any requirements.


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